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Zlatni Rat beach | Vidova Gora National Park | Unspoiled villages | Boutique wineries | Sculptors, stone carvers & stone mason school |
Bell towers | Pristine bays | Olive harvest | Creative Dalmatian cuisine | Breathtaking vistas

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They say Brac is bewitched – like the island of sirens,  those that come never leave.

Find out why on one of our full or half day tours  by private car or van –  comfortable, clean & air conditioned.  Your friendly local driver speaks English and loves to share the island secrets & stories.

  • Vidova Gora:  see the breathtaking view from the highest peak on all the Dalmatian islands.
  • Island history & culture – explore:
    • Medieval, roman and ancient ruins, including 16th century Blaca Monastery
    • Visit all 14 Bell Towers and the unspoiled villages, each with its unique character
  • Stone masons:  visit the stone mason school and workshops – find out why Brac is famous for its stonework
  • Beaches of Brac:  stop for a quick swim at one of our many beautiful beaches or the famous Golden Horn
  • Seaside vineyards:  take a breathtaking drive up to the steep seaside vineyards around Bol
  • Local cuisine & wines:  Stop along the way for a traditional lunch in one of the island’s famous Konobas for traditional Peka and local wine
  • Boutique Wineries:  end the tour at one of our excellent boutique wineries

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Full Day and 1/2 Day

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Discover the

  • Art & Culture
  • Vineyards & Wineries
  • Beaches